South by southeast (self-portrait, 2007)


'Fetish for Futuristic', latest Miss Aniela Fashion Shoot Experience production in LA, Sep 2013


Aniela is the middle name of Natalie Dybisz, a fine-art fashion photographer based in London, UK. Her career as an artist began in 2006 whilst studying at university, and was sought to speak for Microsoft and offered solo shows in London and Madrid. Her work has been exhibited internationally in Europe and the US and her work has been featured in numerous media worldwide, including NY Arts, El Pais, ALARM Chicago, Vogue Italia, BBC, and American Photo. 

Miss Aniela is now a business run jointly with partner Matt Lennard. As well as commercial assignments they also run the self-branded, large-scale production 'The Fashion Shoot Experience' in London, LA and New York, an event which emphasises independent photographic creativity ( will expand in 2014 to incorporate an outdoor fashion shoot expedition in Iceland.

Miss Aniela is the author of two photography books, Self-Portrait Photography and Creative Portrait Photography (both Ilex/Pixiq, worldwide.) She is currently focusing on her fine-art series 'Surreal Fashion'

which blurs the boundaries of art, photography and fashion. The series sells limited edition prints worldwide.

"Photography is always my 'living' whether I am working on personal or commercial work, because it is creating that keeps me feeling alive. I pour my mind into every project, and always aim to push the envelope for consistently compelling imagery with the highest production value my team can make possible."

Miss Aniela limited edition prints available on Saatchi Online



‘Miss Aniela creates a surreal looking-glass world of distorted perspectives and dream enhanced colours… the idiosyncratic qualities of Miss Aniela’s work signals a very bright future for this embryonic star.’



'Miss Aniela's work is a stunning example of brilliant talent in front of, and behind the lens. But the significance of Miss Aniela is far more reaching than just breathtaking imagery. She is an example of what happens when an artist has the temerity to ignore established paths and create herself from nothing, by utilising all of her own assets in synchronicity with the opportunities afforded by a modern-day global network. She is an exceptional artist, and a contemporary entrepreneurial pioneer of the creative world.'

(Louis Lesko, photographer & author)


‘Her colourful, often surreal images are cerebral and sexy, intimate and public, all at once’.

(American Photo)


"Both Miss Aniela's prose and images are both remarkably, equally open, engaging, thoughtful. I find myself wary of artists who succumb to the dark side of oblivious self-absorption (all too common nowadays). With her work, I always come away learning something new, feeling like my mind has been expanded, and feeling her passion for the subject -- not for herself as such. It first seems a little ironic considering how much of herself is the subject in her art. But then I realise - it's not about her, and never has been all about her. It's about what she feels, does, and sees."

(Ramon Estandarte, photographer & fan)

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