I have 2 blogs. 
One is a technical blog which can be found at https://fashionshootexperience.wordpress.com
The other is a more personal, life blog which is at www.rockstarlavender.com

Key articles from both blogs, which may be of interest:

Review of 2016: the year of the mansion

Rags, Riches and Redheads: Fashion Shoot in a French Chateau

Cascade of Colour: Fashion Shoot on the Volcanic Island of Lanzarote

Cross-century Couture in a Magical Shoot at Belvoir Castle

Review of 2015: The year of the rainbow

Review of 2014: The wild year of the zebra

A working holiday for the soul at Chateau Challain

Outpouring live to the world (about doing creativeLIVE)

A Dream and an Awakening: Shooting the Surreal for Real with new Nikon D810

The art of mother and child: looking at 3 artists

Art of love and fear: My review of 2013

My articles on other blogs/sites:

"The photograph is a fluke" - the problem with photography competitions

"The Free-Range Artist"- re-prioritising the gallery aspiration: why the internet is the modern artist's greatest tool *CURRENTLY DOWN*

"Is it art or porn?" My attempt at making sense of a complex debate: nudity in photography *CURRENTLY DOWN*

Method in madness: How do you get to your final image?

Lengthy interview with Aline Smithson on Lenscratch: Looking at "Success"

Interview with My Modern Met: Gorgeously Surreal Fashion Photography (and follow-up comment in Part 2)

'Undoing the Illusion', 3-part series on Camera Obscura blog:

Introduction: Undoing the Illusion

Falling Back Down to Earth: Recovering from 'Levitation'

Model Behaviour: The Story of Linda

Stripped: A Fallen Body of Work (essay about my series Ecology)

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