Self-Portrait Photography
(Ilex UK, Pixiq US, published Feb 2011)
Paperback, 172 pages.

This is my inaugural book based on 5 years of my self-portraiture-based work, from my early 'multiplicity' trickery, to HDR in abandoned buildings and levitation trick images, from stark nudes in a bright day in Death Valley to low-lit chiaroscuro-inspired portraits. Starting with a background to self-portraiture in the history of art, the book moves on to the technical process of digital photographic self-portraiture, geared toward encouraging others to work with the genre as the 'ultimate personal expression'.

The book also features an 8-photographer-strong contributor section of other artists I felt truly define the cutting edge of modern self-imaging: Annette Pehrsson, Noah Kalina, Yulia Gorodinski, Rossina Bossio, Federico Erra, Lucia Holm, Joanne Ratkowski & Jon Jacobsen. I was truly proud to work on a book that merges art book-style with techniques and dialogue, on a subject - self portraiture - that was not yet covered on the photography book market in this way.

The book has a value beyond the boundaries of self-portraiture, and is useful for any artist. It also has a section giving honest and practical advice on on marketing, exhibiting and selling your work.

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"This is an amazing book. It's a story of a young woman's journey into self-exploration through photography. It's a manual of photographic and post-production techniques. It's an introduction to self-portraiture. And it's a look at varied self portraitists and their styles, motivations, and thoughts on others' work.

"The author's boundless creativity is most inspirational. Highly recommended to anyone who wants to see how another is able to 'think outside the box' and self-educate herself about the art and techniques of photography. She has pioneered her way into a unique role in contemporary digital art."

Robert G West, Boston


"Not only is Miss Aniela a fiercely creative photographer but she is a wonderful writer, as well - especially when it comes to describing her work and her inspiration. Natalie is an artist and a bold and brave storyteller who engages the viewer of her images. Her use of digital technology is revolutionary and makes a huge statement in what is currently happening in the contemporary art world and what has been happening with the ever-growing use of social media."

Monica Shulman Photography