Our Fashion Shoot Experience is a bridge between a workshop and a real fashion shoot, and an incredible chance for you to test your mettle and develop your skills in a professional, high-energy environment. Unlike other events of this kind, you have full commercial rights release to everything you produce. 

We have participants fly from all over the world to join our shoots which we hold in London, NY, LA and for the first time in 2014, an outdoor fashion expedition in Iceland. See for latest dates, videos, testimonials and more.


Online workshops:Imaginative Fashion Photography with Miss Aniela on Creative Live

In March 2014 I hosted a live 3-day workshop in Seattle for Creative Live. 

This is a DENSE three day workshop covering a wide range of topics from artistic to technical, business to philosophical, looking at fine-art, fashion and commercial photography!

The aim of the course is to have you 'think like a big-time photographer' and consider how a production team helps evolve personal growth as an artist. We flew over our NY stylist Leonid Gurevich to style our shoot on location in a beautiful ballroom, showing the ingredients involved in a high-end fashion image, followed by a panel discussion with the full team.

Alongside the couture shoot, we demonstrate a 'lo-fi' set-up with a dancer model and simpler methods honed when I started out, to show how the ingredients can be modified for a lower budget. 

I discuss the 'right and left brain' of photography, moodboards, how I pitch to clients, and do wordbusting sessions on 'inspiration', 'passion', 'style' and 'success' - what they mean, how they are really relevant to us and WHY.

I go over the importance of image selection, 'why Photoshop', simple retouching and also tips on creative compositing, stitching panoramas and surreal storytelling.

I also discuss how art meets business: branding, marketing, answering that often-asked 'how do I get to the next level', breaking through the hype over social media whilst also showing how flickr propelled my own photography, and getting you to think about your life - not just your photography - in a refreshing way. 

We're very proud of the work that went into bringing you this workshop, so please do check out the promo for details on how to purchase anytime access: 
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